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Hope Baptist Church is an old-fashioned, King James Bible believing, independent, Baptist church. We believe that the Word of God is our standard for all matters of faith and practice. Anyone who will submit themselves to His Word shall have a “peace that passeth all understanding” in this life. Our mission is to preach and teach God’s Holy Word so that souls will know the Almighty Creator that loves us so much. Christ Jesus came to this earth to pay for the sins of all mankind and He wants to be Lord and Savior, and your very best friend. Please come and join us for services this week! Our church family is eager to meet you and warmly welcome you to the “House of God.”

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor John Mele at 612-718-5637 or by e-mail: jpmele12@gmail.com

Our Address is:

5424 42nd Ave S* (see post script below)
Minneapolis, MN 55417

*PS: If you are using a GPS system to visit our services, YOU MUST enter the “S” for Ave. S. or you will be directed to the north side of Minneapolis!

An additional statement by the Pastor


I am resolved to preach God’s Word as the authority for all matters of faith and practice in this life. AND I have never met a single sinner that disgusted me as much as the one I know best: MYSELF. You may be a sinner of many varieties and of a shameful past and present. You are encouraged to know that I, and my people, want to be a blessing and a help to you if you desire a true, and generous relationship with Jesus Christ. You are no lower in sin than I was at the moment I became a Christian (at 23 years old). The need is not for you to, “clean up first” and then come visit. Instead, the need we ALL have is to let God’s Word wash and regenerate us as we live the rest of our days in this world. Please come and visit our church! –Your willing servant, Pastor John Mele


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  1. Such a blessing to visit your church while in town on business! What a wonderful caring congregation John 13:35 in action, you really made me feel welcome. Thank God for preachers who are willing to speak the truth about sin right out of the Word. I pray that God richly bless you.

    1. Praise the Lord for His goodness to us. The Bible changed my life. And it continues to do so and also with people at the Hope Baptist Church. As long as you felt the power of God on your heart while you visited, then I receive a confirmation that He uses me anyway! Thanks be to God. God bless you and your home church back in Pennsylvania.
  2. Greetings from Pastor John Samuel & Jaya Jonnalagadda, Andhra Predesh, India.
    It’s our privilege for us to meet you through this e-mail. First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in your country and abroad. We appreciate your wonderful work and we stand with you through our prayer support. Herewith I would like to introduce ourselves to you.

    I, John Samuel and my wife Jaya Jonnalagadda are doing the gospel work in remote villages in East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, the only Telugu speaking state in India. We have been in the ministry for the last 18 years. Actually I am born in Baptist family since my father is a senior Baptist pastor. He worked for almost 40 years but he couldn’t do it anymore as he is getting older. As days went by, the lord spoke to me to reach out to the far, deep remote and coastal village with the gospel and holistic activities.

    My desire and my main focus are to reach out to the far and deep remote and interior and coastal villages with the gospel. These villages are neglected and down trodden. There are thousands of lost souls perishing without knowing Jesus Christ and as a young preacher, evangelist and pastor my heart filled with burden for such souls in the villages. At present, we have been reaching out to 12 villages in our and another district where we have begun working with grass roots level. In two of the above said villages, we could able to construct tiled building and the rest of them are thatched (roofed with palm tree leaves and walls with mud) sheds. In some villages people gather for worship underneath the trees and some at houses of the members. Once in a while we conduct free medical camps for the people in the hilly and tribal villages. We save some money out of our free offerings and tithes we get from our daily wage workers in the quarry and rice fields and use the same money for buying medicines.

    The most of the people we reach are illiterate and superstitious. Some villages are way up in the hills and some are on the slope of the hills and some are the in valleys. We have to cross the creeks and some rivers to reach out to the villages other side of the hills. We have been reaching out to these villages with our small team. Since we are alone, it became difficult for us to do this huge work. This is the reason, we have prayed and decided to write to you and request you to extend your prayer support and kindly extend your work into India to help us reach these villages.

    Therefore, we are requesting you to kindly pray for us and make a short visit to India and see the real facts about these neglected and down trodden people groups in India. We would like to work with you under your kind leadership to reach out to these villages. Please pray for us and would like to hear from you.

    Yours together for the Lord’s work in India,
    Pastor John Samuel & Jaya Jonnalagadda,
    Light For The Lost Ministries
    Prathipadu- 533 432
    East Godavari District,
    Andhra Pradesh sate, India.

    Social Activities:
    1. Conducted eye camps and reached around 5000 and 182 surgeries done through the help of local government hospital aid.
    2. Free general medical camps in 25 villages
    3. cloth distribution for widows
    4. Reaching the poor & needy and orphan children in our church with Samaritan Purse boxes and helping them with school note books, pens and so on every year.

  3. Praying for you Pastor Mele and church.
    I’m still at the VA Hosp[working].
    Hope to visit again.
    I encourage you to keep calling in those needy neighborhoods
    as your labor is not in vain in the Lord!

  4. Looking forward to visiting the church while there on a business trip. It is such a blessing to know that I can have a place to go to while away from home church. God bless you

  5. Hello, my name is Albert VonHaden. I am a Substitute Day Care Teacher with Teachers On call and with C.H.I.L.D. Day Care at U of M Medical Center Fairview.Presently. I am organizing my hobbies of arts/crafts and percussion instruments into a Family Outreach Ministry. If there is an interest for this in your congregation, you have my e=mail. My phone is 612-721-2192. Thank you.

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