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Hope Baptist Church is an old-fashioned, King James Bible believing, independent, Baptist church. We believe that the Word of God is our standard for all matters of faith and practice. Anyone who will submit themselves to His Word shall have a “peace that passeth all understanding” in this life. Our mission is to preach and teach God’s Holy Word so that souls will know the Almighty Creator that loves us so much. Christ Jesus came to this earth to pay for the sins of all mankind and He wants to be Lord and Savior, and your very best friend. Please come and join us for services this week! Our church family is eager to meet you and warmly welcome you to the “House of God.”

If you have any questions, please contact Pastor John Mele at 612-718-5637 or by e-mail: jpmele12@gmail.com

Our Address is:

5424 42nd Ave S* (see post script below)
Minneapolis, MN 55417

*PS: If you are using a GPS system to visit our services, YOU MUST enter the “S” for Ave. S. or you might be directed to the north side of Minneapolis!

An additional statement by the Pastor


I am resolved to preach God’s Word as the authority for all matters of faith and practice in this life! …AND I have never met a single sinner that disgusted me as much as the one I know best: MYSELF. You may be a sinner of many varieties and of a shameful past and present. You are encouraged to know that I, and my people, want to be a blessing and a help to you if you desire a true, and generous relationship with Jesus Christ. You are no lower in sin than I was at the moment I became a Christian (at 23 years old). The need is not for you to, “clean up first” and then come visit. Instead, the need we ALL have is to let God’s Word wash and regenerate us as we live the rest of our days in this world. Please come and visit our church! –Your willing servant, Pastor John Mele